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General Studies : Mock Test 5 for UPSC Civil Services (Preliminary Examination)

This is the fifth Mock Test from Our Mega Quiz Series for Civil Services 2010 (Preliminary Examination) . Please download this document which provides you a question paper along with answers printed in the end, so that you may use it as an offline assessment tool . We shall place the answer buttons in this ..

Mock Test 4 for Civil Services Examination 2010 :General Studies (Preliminary )

Take This Test and Grade Yourself as below: 1. Those who score above 35 correct answers should be confident about their preparation & now should concentrate more on optional paper2. Those who score between 25-35 are good3. Those who score between 15-25 are fair and need improvement4. Those who are unable to answer even 15 ..

Mega Quiz Series : Mock Test 3. for Civil Services Examination 2010

Download For Offline Reading and Testing 1.Which of the following personalities of India , proposed in later half of 2009 for creation of a world space council ?(A)APJ Abdul Kalam(B)Man Mohan Singh(C)K Kasturirangan(D)G. Madhavan Nair(E)None of them 2.Which among the following has been called Age of Amphibians?(A)Cambrian Period(B)Ordovician Period(C)Silurian Period(D)Carboniferous Period(E)Permian Period 3.Which among the ..

Mega Quiz Series for Civil Services Preliminary Examination

Dear Friends, The UPSC Notification is out today and you all know that for last one year I have been working towards success of our readers. In my view, this and only this is the most prestigious examination of our country, which once you get thru , makes you an integral part of the government ..

Free Preview Mock Test Two : Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2010

Today we are publishing Second Preview Mock Test for Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2010. This Test Comprises 70 questions. The Test is in 4 parts. Everything is in PDF versions. Part I: Test paper . It has 70 Objective Questions without answers Part II : Answer Sheet which you have to fill using the Test ..