Mains Mock Tests for Civil Services 2011 (Download)

GKToday had conducted a Mock Test Series for Civil Services Mains Examination 2011 for our members of Target 2011 & Mock Test Series 2011. This Mock Test Series comprised 6 Mock Tests based upon the pattern of UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination of last few years. We are placing these Mock Tests on our website ..


A message from S. Divyadharshini

Sir,   This is Divyadharshini.S from Chennai.   I would like to thank u for the effort that u have been putting in to help civil service aspirants like us.   I am immensely pleased to inform you that I have cleared the Civil Services Examination 2010 and I would like to attribute a part ..

Mock Test 4 for Civil Services Examination 2010 :General Studies (Preliminary )

Take This Test and Grade Yourself as below: 1. Those who score above 35 correct answers should be confident about their preparation & now should concentrate more on optional paper2. Those who score between 25-35 are good3. Those who score between 15-25 are fair and need improvement4. Those who are unable to answer even 15 ..

Free Preview Mock Test Two : Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2010

Today we are publishing Second Preview Mock Test for Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2010. This Test Comprises 70 questions. The Test is in 4 parts. Everything is in PDF versions. Part I: Test paper . It has 70 Objective Questions without answers Part II : Answer Sheet which you have to fill using the Test ..

UPSC Civil Services Exam (IAS Exam) Guide

Syllabus : General Studies for Civil Services Examinations Books & Periodicals for General Studies : UPSC Civil Services Suggested Books : Agriculture Suggested Books : Anthropology Suggested Books: Botany