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DICGC insures up to a maximum of Rs 1 Lakh

The Deposit Insurance and credit guarantee corporation (DICGC) is a subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of India which insures all bank deposits that are payable in India such as savings, current, recurring, fixed, etc. Each depositor in a bank is provided an insured amount of maximum Rupees One Lakh on both the interest amount and ..

Veteran journalist Kanwar Sain Jolly passes away

Kanwar Sain Jolly (86), the Veteran journalist, has passed away in Gurugram. He served at various positions for 40 years at Press Trust of India  (PTI),  India’s premier news agency. He was retired as Deputy General Manager of PTI news agency in 1993.

Bhagat Ram Vats, former PTI senior correspondent, passes away

Bhagat Ram Vats (97), a former PTI senior correspondent who covered India’s first Lok Sabha polls, has passed away on 18th September 2019. He started his career with The Statesman, New Delhi, and later joined the Press Trust of India (PTI). He travelled extensively with first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru for 14 years & covered ..

Vijay Kumar Chopra appointed as chairman of Press Trust of India (PTI)

The Chief Editor of the Punjab Kesari Group, Vijay Kumar Chopra has been appointed the chairman of Press Trust of India (PTI). Chopra succeeded N Ravi, Publisher and former Editor-in-Chief of The Hindu. PTI is the largest news agency in India & is headquartered in New Delhi.

News Today: November 15, 2018

Main current events of November 15, 2018 are as follows: National Current Events Winter Session of Parliament from December 11 to January 8 Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs (CCPA) will old winter session from Dec 11 to Jan 8 discussing eight important bills from Rajya Sabha and fifteen from Lok Sabha including MCI and Muslim ..

Ranjan Roy, chief of Times News Network (TNN) passes away

Ranjan Roy (57), the chief of the Times News Network (TNN) and a member of The Times of India’s national editorial board, has passed away in New Delhi on March 10, 2018. He was known for his professional acumen and personal charm. An alumnus of Delhi’s St. Stephen’s College and Princeton University, US, Roy started ..