President of United States Current Affairs, GK & News

President of United States  Current Affairs, GK & News

Congress approves resolution to restrain US President from attacking Iran

The US Congress approved a resolution to restrain the US President Donald Trump from attacking Iran. The House of Representatives joined the Senate in support of the resolution. As per the resolution, no military action shall be taken against Iran without an explicit vote from the Congress. Earlier, a rocket fired on a military base ..


Sixth Branch of the U.S Military- United States Space Force(USSF)

The United States of America established its Sixth Military Branch- United States Space Force(USSF) on Friday, 20th December 2019 after the President of United States, Donald Trump signed the National Defence Authorization Act 2020 into law at a ceremony conducted at the Joint Base Andrews located in the Maryland state. USSF will be the first ..