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Why did the US storm bring dirty snow?

The ‘bomb cyclone’ that severed disasters in Minnesota and other upper parts of Mid west dumped in lot of dirt. The freshly falling snow was decolourised. The snow was not the usual pure white. It had lot of dust. The wind picked up lot of dust and dumped it into the circulation of the storm ..


Snow Castle sinking

The Snow King winter festival is held at the Great Slave lake, Canada every March. A big castle is constructed in the lake. The castle is then opened for the public to display their arts or children’s theatre, etc. This year, after construction the front gate is sinking in the lake and the festival had ..


India Meteorological Department (IMD) issues its first official forecast for 2018 southwest monsoon rains

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued its first official forecast for 2018 southwest monsoon rains in New Delhi on April 16, 2018. The second stage forecast will be issued in June 2018. These forecasts are prepared using state-of-the-art Statistical Ensemble Forecasting system that is critically reviewed and improved regularly through in-house research activities. It ..



Cloud Seeding

Cloud seeding is a weather modification techniques which spray Silver Iodide, Sodium Chloride, and Potassium Chloride. These particles provide a base for water vapor to condense, water vapor then crystallizes and then falls as snow or rain. Karnataka which is facing fourth consecutive drought year is using cloud-seeding under Project Varshadhari. The idea is to ..