population related Issues

Economic Survey 2016-17: Observations on Demographic Dividend

Demographic Dividend refers to a demographically linked economic boost caused by a rise in the working age population {15-59 years or in some cases 15-64 years} and consequent drop in the dependency ratio. A country is expected to reap the demographic dividend when share of its working population is larger than share of its non-working […]


National Population Policy 2000

Government of India launched the National Population Policy in 2000 to improve quality of lives of people of India and to provide them with equal opportunities to be productive individual of society. India launched its first programme to emphasize the need for family planning in 1952 and became the first country in the world to do […]

To subsidize or not to subsidize

Critically examine the dichotomy of fiscal prudence and quantitative easing in the light of subsidies in a welfare state like India? In your view, how subsidies can be better utilized?

Conceptualizing the Smart Indian cities

How does the concept of smart cities would help cater India’s growing urbanization problem? What constitutes the smart cities? What are the challenges to its implementation?