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China US trade deal

Last week, President Xi Jingping welcomed a new consensus. The list of US grievances against Chinese trade practices is long. It includes forced technology transfers, inadequate protection of intellectual property rights, subsidization of trading activities, etc. Trump administration wants the Chinese to make concessions on all of these activities as the trade deficit of US ..


Person wearing “MAGA” hat attacked man with sword

According to the SanFransico Police, a person was wearing a signature hat from President Trump’s campaign. He was attacked by a person with a sword. The person wore the MAGA hat and attacked the victim in his hand. MAGA is the new term emerging in the US which says Make America Great. The victim grabbed ..


Trump veto on Mexican border emergency: House fails

President Trump declared national emergency at the US Mexico border. When the resolution was put tovote, the house failed to produce the two – third majority required from the democrats. The vote was 248 – 181.  The President’s fight toget finances to build the border wall will shift to court. However republicans are in his ..


U.S. Blogger and Online Activist ‘Andrew Breitbart’ dead

A conservative U.S. blogger and online activist Andrew Breitbart (43)passed away on March 1, 2012. He was a US publisher, commentator at the Washington Times, an author, and an occasional guest commentator on different news programs. He ran his own news aggregation site, Breitbart.com. He played vital roles in the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal (also ..