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Tiangong-2 was the Chinese space laboratory which was used as a testbed for key technologies that will be used in the Chinese large modular space station, which is planned for launch between 2019 and 2022. Features of Tiangong-2 Tiangong-2 which weighed 8.6 metric tones was 10.4 metres long and 3.35 metres wide at its widest point. Launched ..


Tiangong-1: China's space lab plummets to earth, burns up over Pacific Ocean

China’s out-of-control Tiangong-1 space lab has re-entered Earth’s atmosphere, landing in middle of the South Pacific Ocean near world’s ‘spacecraft cemetery or graveyard’. Most of its parts were burned up during gravity-propelled re-entry process. The spacecraft cemetery also known as Point Nemo — considered the most remote place on Earth (at about 2400 km from ..



What is point Nemo?

Point Nemo (in Latin Nemo means no man) which is also known as Pole of inaccessibility is the most remote point in the Ocean.It lies in South Pacific Ocean.Point Nemo is not a land in ocean it is simply a spot that is located 2,688 km from the nearest land.