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JIMEX 12 : India, Japan to have first bilateral naval exercise off Tokyo

JIMEX 12 = Japan India Maritime Exercise 2012 India and Japan will hold their first bilateral naval exercise off Tokyo. 4 Indian warships including the INS Rana, INS Shakti and INS Shivalik are in Tokyo harbor to celebrate 60 years ..


A New Chapter in India China bilateral relations: Maritime Cooperation

India and China moved onto a new bilateral relation as they agreed upon a joint-declaration on: Sea Piracy Technological know-how on seabed research. The first offer aims to demand the Coast Guards, the Air-forces and Navies of both the nations ..


Current Affairs November 2011 Tit-Bits

ROSAT plunges to earth: ROSAT or Röntgensatellit was a bus-sized defunct German satellite plunged to Earth recently after languishing in a dead orbit for more than a decade. It is not sure if any of its debris has hit the ..