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Pema Khandu launches ‘Arun Bhoomi’

Arunachal Pradesh chief minister Pema Khandu launched the first Hindi daily newspaper of the state titled ‘Arun Bhoomi’. Takam Sonia, head of Arunachal Hindi Sanstha, an organization working for the promotion and propagation of Hindi language in the state of Arunachal, will be the chief editor and publisher of the daily. About Arunachal Pradesh: Chief ..

Arunachal Pradesh Government inaugurats World War II Memorial Museum

Pema Khandu, the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, has inaugurated the World War II Memorial Museum in Jairampur in Changlang District on January 21, 2018. The war memorial has the collection of the remnants of World War 2, personal belongings of the soldiers and other persons involved. The museum also showcases traditional items from local ..