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Congo Basin Forests – State of the Forests 2021

The report titled “Congo Basin Forests – State of the Forests 2021” was released recently by the Central African Forests Commission. Key findings Increased investment and research is required for the protection of peatlands in central Congo basin, which are currently under threat because of hydrocarbon exploration, logging, palm oil plantation, hydroelectric dams and climate ..




Peatlands in Himalayan Region

The recently released UN report on the peatland systems, called for urgent steps to conserve such regions. It highlighted the importance of mapping and monitoring. Peatlands Distribution in India Peatlands in India have been recorded in Arunachal Pradesh, northern parts of Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh and Kerala. Parts of the Western Ghats range are also reported ..


Peatland Degradation

The United Nations recently released a report on the peatland systems and the danger of carbon emission due to their degradation. Peatlands Peatland systems are formed when partially degraded plant material accumulate in water-logged conditions over thousands of years. Peatlands constitute 3% of the earth’s surface but store about 30% of the soil carbon in ..