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New Biomolecules to fight Kala Azar Drug Resistance

A team of researchers from Department of Biotechnology, National Centre for Cell Science have found ways to combat drug resistance of Kala Azar disease. Miltefosine is the only drug available against Leishmaniasis or Kala Azar and is losing its effectiveness lately. What is the issue? The transporter proteins play a major role in carrying miltefosine ..




Henneguya salminicola

Scientists have discovered that the parasitic animal, Henneguya salminicola, doesn’t require oxygen for survival. This makes it the only known animal to be capable of living in anaerobic environment. What is Henneguya salminicola? Henneguya salminicola is a parasitic animal that is less than 10 celled. It is related to corals and jellyfish. It is a ..