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Scientists discovers new species of ancient human excavations in Philippines

Scientists have recently discovered new species of ancient human excavations in Philippines. This newly identified species named Humo Luzonensis after Luzon Island, where bones and teeth from individuals of this species were excavated from Callao Cave. The small size of the bones suggests this archaic human would have been shorter than 4ft tall – possibly ..


Advances made by Man in New Stone Age

About 8000 B.C. another period in man’s progress toward civilization began. This was the Middle Stone Age, or the Mesolithic period. Before the beginning of this age, the glacial ice retreated and the forests expanded to the north. A few important inventions appeared. One was the microlith, a small, pointed blade of stone used for ..


How Stone Age Man Learnt Basic Skills?

Generally, the time span from about 2 million years ago to about 3000 BC is called the Stone Age, because it was a period when man made most of his weapons and tools of stone. The Stone Age is divided into three periods, the earliest of which is called the Old Stone Age, or Paleolithic ..