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Rupee depreciates by 12 paise to 68.98 against US Dollar

The rupee is depreciated by 12 paise to 68.98 against the US dollar in early trade today on increased demand for the US currency from importers and rising crude prices. Yesterday, the rupee had appreciated by 10 paise to end at 68.86 against the US dollar following a robust response to RBI’s maiden rupee-dollar swap ..

Masala Bonds

Masala bonds are rupee denominated overseas bonds. Here are key notable points about Masala Bonds. Such bonds are Rupee denominated. When an Indian company issues Rupee denominated Bond, it is obviously shielded against the risk of currency exchange rate aberrations. The foreign exchange risk is on foreign investors rather. The key advantages of Masala Bonds are ..

India’s new buzzword: “Policy Paralysis”

‘Policy Paralysis’ is the new exhortation echoing in the news media. According to news search conducted via Factiva, the catchphrase hit over 590 mentions in June 2012. The references soared as the rupee plunged to a record low of 57.32 against the dollar on June 22, 2012

Forex Reserves of India tumble, looses 1.74 Billion Dollar

India’s Foreign exchange reserve plunged by $1.74 billion to $290 billion The RBI data showed a sharp fall in the India’s Forex reserves The Forex reserves has slipped by 1.80 billion dollar, 1.37 billion dollar and 2.18 billion dollar, respectively, in the last 3 weeks The drop in forex reserve mainly attributed to sale of ..

Payments in Rupee accepted by Iran

The longstanding issue over the payments for export shipments has been resolved amidst India and Iran. Both the nations have accorded to admit payment in Rupee form, an act that could disengage vast sums pending on both sides. The payment problem with Iran has been resolved with operationalization of the rupee payment mechanism through UCO ..

Implications of Falling Rupee

The Rupee was on its lowest point in 2 years after September 2009. The sustained fall is not only bad news for importers but is also fuelling inflation, pushing up prices of fuel and other commodities. The Falling Rupee is also negative factor for foreign institutional investors by reducing their effective returns. Re fall adds ..

Third Five Year Plan (1961-1966)

The first two plans developed a institutional structure to take the country on path of developed economy. Third plan for the first time rode on the wave of high expectation following overall growth of the economy of India. In this plan, India made efforts to achieve self reliance in food production and industry. However, the ..