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What is DSR (Direct Seeding of Rice) Technique?

DSR Technique is Direct Seeding of Rice Technique. This year Punjab Government has decided to bring one hectare of land under DSR technique. This is being done as the Government is expecting shortage of migrant labour. What is DSR Technique? DSR technique is direct seeding of rice. Here the seeds are sown in the field ..




Rice- Fish Farming System

In view of the increasing challenge to ensure food security and sustainable agricultural intensification, the benefits of extensively adopting rice- fish farming system in India is being discussed. About the System Rice cum fish farming is a type of co-culture system in agriculture where paddy cultivation is combined with rearing of aquatic animals like fish, ..


Choornikkara Rice

Choornikkara rice is a new brand of rice which is grown from a land which was earlier stinking garbage land that had eaten up the fading paddy fields of Choornikkara in Aluva of Kerala. Bringing the Transformation Urbanisation had strongly hit the village of Choornikkara. With municipal towns coming up on three sides, there were ..