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Karnataka government declares 2019 as ‘Year of Water’

In Bangaluru, the Government of Karnataka has declared 2019 as the ‘Year of Water (or Jalavarsha)’ to emphasise the importance of water becoming a scarce commodity and the need to conserve it. The declaration will apply to all government departments. This initiative is expected to spread water literacy, focus on conservation, promotion of smart water ..

India’s largest industrial solar plant starts functioning

India’s largest ever industrial solar plant in Ludhiana district of Punjab started functioning. This unit has been built to perform dual functions of producing solar power besides and providing permanent solution of disposal of large quantity of industrial waste water by evaporating it. The plant will provide relief to the industry from environmental pollution which ..

China to destroy unsafe drug capsules

254 pharmaceutical enterprises (~ 12%) of all capsule makers in China were discovered to be producing unsafe drug capsules. 5.8 % were found to contain excessive levels of chromium, of the 11,561 batches of drugs tested. China’s food and drug watchdog ordered substandard drugs to be immediately taken off shelves, sealed, recalled and destroyed. Hazards ..