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2017 World Animal Day (WAD) observed on 4 October

The World Animal Day (WAD) is observed every year on October 4 to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe. It is done by encouraging individuals, animal welfare organisations, community groups, youth and children’s clubs and businesses to organise events in celebration of this day.


Goa is hosting 5th edition of “Kaju India 2017- The Global Cashew Summit”

The 5th edition of “Kaju India 2017- The Global Cashew Summit has started at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Goa from September 17, which is organised by Cashew Export Promotion Council of India (CEPCI). In the 3-day summit, more than 450 delegates including 30 from foreign countries are participating in the event. The summit will bring ..



Deep-Sea Ghost Shark caught on camera for the first time

Deep sea ghost shark, also called as chimaeras has been filmed alive for the first time. The video of pointy-nosed blue chimaera (Hydrolagus trolli) has been released by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California. Ghost sharks are dead-eyed, wing-finned fish which are very rarely seen. This species is usually found near Australia and New ..


Difference Between Agnatha and Gnathostomata

With currently 64000, species, majority of the members of Phylum Chordata belong to sub-phylum Vertebrata. All vertebrates possess notochord during the embryonic period only and later it is replaced by bony vertebral column. Further, the vertebrates have a ventral muscular heart with two, three or four chambers, kidneys for excretion and osmoregulation and paired appendages ..


State Bird of Delhi: ‘House Sparrow’

The House Sparrow has been endorsed as state bird of Delhi by the state government. State government is concerned about the conservation of the bird and announced the decision after initiating a campaign Rise for the Sparrows. The campaign is aimed at conserving the endangered species.