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Ecuador’s New Species of Orchid

Researchers have discovered an astounding new species of orchid in the cloud rainforest of Northern Ecuador. Key Facts It has been scientifically named Maxillaria anacatalina-portillae. This plant is unique with its showy, intense yellow flowers. It was described by Polish orchidologists in association with an Ecuadorian company working in in orchid research, cultivation and supply. The ..




Lecanorchis taiwaniana discovered in Assam

In Assam, a type of orchid – Lecanorchis taiwaniana (parasitic bloom) – has coincidentally discovered by Assam’s forest officer named Jatindra Sarma. The parasitic bloom is a variant of a Japanese orchid. It is found to have a maximum height of 40 cm and a blossoming period of five-six days. It is a Myco-heterotroph and ..