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BharOS: Indigenous Mobile Operating System

The BharOS is an operating system used in mobile phones. It was developed by JandK Operations Private Limited. IIT Madras was the pioneer in developing the app. And IIT Madras developed it through its JandK organization. Basically, JandK is a non-profit private organization. The IIT Madras Pravartak Technologies launched this private organization along with others. ..




What is a Computer Worm?

Computer Worm refers to a self-replicating malware which severely disrupts the functions of various software and hardware programs. It shares similarities with the computer virus as both can replicate themselves and further spread to various networks. However, unlike viruses which stick to particular files before diffusing inside the computer, worms are standalone software or separate ..


What is the meaning of Authentication?

Authentication refers to recognising the identity of a user by associating an incoming request with the various credential of identification. The documents so provided are matched with the credentials on the database housing authorised information of the user on the local operating system or an authentication server. The process of authentication takes place when the ..


What is API Testing?

Application Programming Interface or API is basically a set of processes and functions which make the interaction amongst two components of the software application possible. API has access to features and data of the operating system, application, other services etc. It is thus a tool used by developers to fetch data with a certain application. ..


What is Authorization?

Authorization is the mechanism which grants or denies access to a network resource and allows user access to various resources based on the identity of the user. It determines access levels or privileges of user/client related to services, files, computer programs, data and application features etc. Web security systems work on a two-step method: Authentication ..