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Kane Tanaka named as world’s oldest living person by Guinness World Records

A 116-year-old Japanese woman, Kane Tanaka has been honoured as the world’s oldest living person by Guinness World Records. The global authority on records officially recognised Kane Tanaka in a ceremony at the nursing home where she lives in Fukuoka, in southwest Japan. Born in January 1903, Tanaka loves playing the board game ‘Othello’ and ..


Nabi Tajima, world’s oldest person passes away

Nabi Tajima (117), the world’s oldest Japanese supercentenarian, has passed away in Kikai, Japan on April 21, 2018. She was born on August 4, 1900, and reportedly had more than 160 descendants, including great-great-great grandchildren. She was the last living person certified to have been born in the nineteenth century. Tajima became the world’s oldest ..



Yisrael Kristal, world’s oldest man passes away

Yisrael Kristal (113), the world’s oldest man who lived through both World Wars, has passed away in Haifa, Israel on August 11, 2017. He was officially recognised as the world’s oldest man by the Guinness Book of Records in March 2016. Kristal, a Polish-Israeli supercentenarian, became the world’s oldest recognized Holocaust survivor in 2014 and ..


Last living person born in 1800s turns 117

Born November 29, 1989, Emma Morano has turned 117. She is the last known person born in the 19th century who is still alive. She has been declared as the world’s oldest living person by the Guinness World Records. On Morano’s honour, a performance of music over three centuries and a preview of a romanticised ..