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Akademik Lomonosov Floating Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear power is one of the cleanest and least carbon-intensive fuels in the world. A nuclear plant generates just 12 grams of Carbon dioxide (equal to that packed in 3 soda bottles) to generate the same amount which a coal-fired plant would generate by releasing 900 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2). What is a nuclear ..



Nuclear Accident in Russia

Barely a week after the mysterious fire onboard the nuclear powered Russian Submarine Losharik which took the lives of 14 highly decorated Russian Officers, another accident involving the Russian Armed Forces has been reported in the same Arctic Region. As per reports in the mass media, on August 8, 2019, an explosion which occurred in ..


Import of Uranium by India

Uranium is a chemical element which is found in nature as uranium-238, uranium-235 and a very small amount of uranium-234. It decays very slowly by emitting an alpha particle but has an exceptionally long half-life (uranium-238  has a half-life of about 4.47 billion years while uranium-235 has a half-life of 704 million years). It makes ..


FAC under Ministry of Forest and Environment recommends for “in-principle” permission for exploration of Uranium in Amrabad Tiger Reserve

The Forest Advisory Committee (FAC) under the Ministry of Forest and Environment (MoEF) has recommended for “in-principle” permission for exploration of Uranium in Amrabad Tiger Reserve in Telangana. The approval comes despite contrary reports by forest officials after field inspections. The revised proposal seeks permission for exploration of uranium in 76 km in Amrabad and ..


Short Note : Atomic Power in India

Nuclear power is the fifth-largest source of electricity generation in India. Its capacity is exceeded by electricity generation from coal, gas, hydroelectricity and wind power. India has 22 nuclear reactors in operation in 7 nuclear power plants, having a total installed capacity of 6,780 MW. The share of atomic energy in the overall electricity generation ..