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Iran: Govt. orders evacuation of 70 villages due to flood risk

The Iranian government has officially announced the evacuation of over 70 villages in the Khuzestan province due to high risk of floods from the Dez and Kharkheh rivers. The move has come after the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif, blamed the US sanctions which had been imposed by the Trump administration last year for ..



Germany, France and UK officially set up a payment channel with Iran called INSTEX

Germany, France and the UK have officially set up a payment channel with Iran called INSTEX, to help continue trade and circumvent US sanctions. The long-awaited special payment system will help save the Iran nuclear deal by allowing Tehran to keep trading with EU companies despite Washington re-imposing sanctions after US President Donald Trump abruptly ..


Iran, world powers unable to overcome impasse over Teheran’s nuclear programme

No breakthrough could be achieved in the Moscow round of talks between Iran and the 6 major world powers – the USA, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany, over Teheran’s nuclear programme. The negotiations concluded with a decision to organize a technical follow-up meeting in Istanbul on July 3, 2012. What is the stand of ..