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NPPA caps prices of oxygen cylinders

On September 26, 2020, the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority capped the prices of oxygen cylinders and medical oxygen cylinders. Background The demand of medical oxygen in India has increased by four times due to COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, demand for medical oxygen in the country has increased from 750 metric tonnes per day to 2,800 metric ..

Price Monitoring and Resource Unit (PMRU) set up in Karnataka

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority, in collaboration with the Karnataka State Drug Control Department, has launched the Price Monitoring and Resource Unit in the state. The PMRU will be mainly responsible for making access to medicine convenient for all the citizens of the state. Details of the PMRU The PMRU will have the first-ever governing ..

Decline in FDI Inflow

For the first time in the last six years, the foreign direct investment (FDI) in India has declined. The FDI inflow declined by 1 per cent to $44.37 billion in 2018-19. Why there was a decline in FDI Inflow? The decline in the FDI inflow is attributed to: Stressed financial condition of the telecom sector. ..

NPPA Slashes Prices of 9 Non-Scheduled Cancer Drugs

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has slashed the prices of 9 non-scheduled cancer drugs by up to 87 per cent as part of its efforts to bring down drugs prices. The move is expected to curb profiteering on these vital drugs and to make cancer cure affordable for patients and their families. National Pharmaceutical Pricing ..

New Delhi headquarters of National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA)

Recently, National drug pricing regulator NPPA has fixed the retail prices of 36 formulations, including those used for treatment of cancer, diabetes, infections, asthma, seizures, inflammation and pain, among others. As per data available with NPPA, the MRP for 105 brands will be reduced up to 85% entailing minimum saving of Rs 105 crore to ..