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West Bengal celebrates ‘Rasogolla Day’

West Bengal celebrated ‘Rasogolla Dibas’ to mark second anniversary of granting of GI tag for  Banglar Rasogolla. On November 14, 2017, West Bengal received the GI tag for Rosogolla. A GI tag identifies a product as originating from a particular region. West Bengal and Odisha were involved in a tug-of-war to stake a claim to ..


West Bengal celebrates ‘Rosogolla Dibas’ to mark GI Tag granting 

West Bengal celebrated the ‘Rosogolla Dibas’ or Rasgulla Day on 14 November 2019 to mark the granting of Geographical Indication (GI) tag of ‘Banglar Rosogolla’ or Bengal’s Rasgulla to the state on this day two years ago (14 November 2017). Rosogolla Dibas celebrations The statue of Nobin Chandra Das, inventor of the Bengal variant of ..