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Edakkal Caves

A huge crack developing on the eastern side of the Ambukuthi Hills has led to concerns for the Edakkal Caves which are situated on it. About the Caves The Edakkal Caves are located on the Ambukuthi Hills (a part of the Western Ghats) on the Mysore Plateau, in Wayanad district of Kerala. It is located ..


Prehistoric Sites of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan

Afghanistan Kara Kamar Kara Kamar is an upper Palaeolithic site in Afghanistan excavated by Carleton Coon in 1954. It was first site in South Asia whose artefacts were dated by carbon dating. It is a rock-shelter site located within the northernmost folds of the Hindu Kush Mountains. The tools obtained in this site are at ..


Neolithic Age in India

1. When did Neolithic Age start? The Neolithic period began around 10700 to 9400 BC in Tell Qaramel in Northern Syria. In South Asia the date assigned to Neolithic period is 7000 BC and the earliest example is Mehrgarh Culture. 2. What were main changes in life during Neolithic period, that are collectively called Neolithic Revolution? ..