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AAP to Become National Party

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has scored enough votes in Gujarat in the recent elections to get the “national party” status. What is a national party? A national party is a political party having national presence, as opposed to regional party, whose presence is restricted to a specific region or a state. National parties include ..




One Nation, One Election: Contradicting Views

The debate on the issue of the simultaneous polls to Assembly and Lok Sabha are again at the forefront. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called an all-party meeting to discuss the issue of simultaneous polls. Views of those who favour the Idea Reduced Expenditure on public exchequer: The money spent by the Election Commission on ..


NPP gets National Party Recognition

The National Peoples Party (NPP) which is currently in power in the state of Meghalaya has been recognised as a national party . The addition has taken the count of National Parties in the country to eight. The other parties with the tag of national party are Congress, BJP, BSP, NCP, CPI, CPI (M) and ..