Nagaland Insurgency

Story of Nagaland Insurgency: Part-5

Current Status and Perspectives So far, the peace in Nagaland remains elusive. There is a ceasefire agreement in force since 1997. In August 2015, a ‘framework agreement’ between the Central Government and the NSCN-IM was signed. The deal has been struck by interlocutor Mr. R N Ravi, who knows this issue and the region in-depth. He […]


Story of Nagaland Insurgency: Part-4

The Cause of Naga Nationalism The demand for a Nagalim means taking large chunks of territories of three neighbouring States, Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh, along with some portion of Myanmar. The demand was accentuated by the Naga nationalism infused initially under the leadership of A Z Phizo. He was an efficient communicator who garnered […]

Story of Nagaland Insurgency: Part-3

Circumstances that led to Shillong Accord A number of events happened in 1970s that eventually led to the signing of the Shillong Accord on November 11, 1975. Firstly, the eastern wing of Pakistan was clipped in 1972 and Bangladesh was born. The underground Nagas were deprived of safe sanctuary after this. Secondly, the Indira Gandhi […]

Story of Nagaland Insurgency: Part-2

Talks with Gandhi and Nehru In July 1947, the NNC led by Dr. A.Z. Phizo met Mahatma Gandhi and asserted their right to freedom. They substantiated their assertion by declaring that they would be declaring independence on 14 August 1947. They indeed declared their independence on 14th August 1947. The Nagas also boycotted the Indian […]

Story of Nagaland Insurgency: Part-1

To understand the insurgency in Nagaland, we need to go into its history. The present Nagaland state is home to the Naga people, who did not have any strong social, legal, cultural, commercial or political relation with rest of the India. Like many other small sovereign states before the arrival of British, the Nagas were […]