Multirole combat aircraft: GK, Current Affairs, Questions, Trivia and News

New Aircrafts unveiled at the MAKS Airshow

The MAKS Air Show is the largest airshow organized in Russia and the Former Soviet Union every two years. The air show is major opportunity for the Russian and other aircraft manufacturers to showcase their latest innovation and aircrafts before a global audience and sign deals for manufacturing and development. New Technology unveiled at the ..

HAL to design & develop Transport Aircraft in India

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) inked a tripartite deal to design and develop the Multirole Transport Aircraft in India. The parties to the agreement: HAL United Aircraft Corporation Multirole Transport Aircraft Limited, Russia. The Aircrafts produced will be useful for cargo and troop transportation and airdrop of supplies. The project will make India self-sufficient in this ..

Phaseout of MiG-21

The Flying Coffins MiG-21s, which have been in news for frequent crashes, will be phased out by the Indian Air Force by 2017 and replaced by modern fighter aircraft such as Su-30MKI and indigenous LCA. The phase-out will begin from 2015-16 and last of the squadrons of the aircraft will be phased out by 2017 ..