Short Note: Sharp Decline in Heat-related Deaths in Recent Times

What were the key reasons for sharp decline in the number of heat-related deaths? Unlike the past years, this year fortunately there has been a sharp decline in the rate of heat related deaths. All the credit for this goes to the various policies and proactive actions taken by the State government which caused heat-related […]


Demand Driven Versus Supply Driven Development Models

On 11th October, 2016, PM Narendra Modi had called for a demand-driven model of development instead of a previous supply-driven model of development. Understanding Demand Driven Schemes The government schemes can be supply driven {allocation based} and demand driven. In allocation based schemes, the money from centre to states is based on certain criteria or […]

Agricultural Workers as part of Population in India

There are two types of farm workers in India viz. Cultivators and Agricultural Labourers. Cultivators are those who work in their own land; Agricultural Labourers are those who work on the land of others for wages. An agricultural labourer has no right of lease or contract on land on which she/he works. Now, let’s analyze […]