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UK Digital Markets Unit

In the United Kingdom, large tech companies like Facebook and Google will have to follow the new competition rules, or else huge fines will be imposed on them by the government. UK’s new Digital Markets Unit (DMU) will have the ..



Facebook rebrands as ‘Meta’

Facebook Inc. has changed its name and logo to Meta Platforms Inc. on October 28, 2021. Highlights Facebook Inc. has been renamed to Meta Platforms Inc., or Meta to reflect its commitment to develop the new surround-yourself technology called as ..


Mahesh Elkunchwar to be honoured with META Lifetime Achievement Award

Eminent Indian playwright Mahesh Elkunchwar has been chosen for META Lifetime Achievement Award 2019. The award would be conferred on March 12 during the Mahindra Theater Festival. Mahesh Elkunchwar Mahesh Elkunchwar is regarded as one of the progressive playwrights of the country ..