Mesopotamia Current Affairs, GK & News

Mesopotamia  Current Affairs, GK & News

Babylon sites of Iraq declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The ancient Mesopotamian city of Babylon has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Iraq has been lobbying since 1983 for the 4,000-year-old site to be added to the UN’s prestigious list. The seat of successive empires, under rulers such as Hammurabi and Nebuchadnezzar, Babylon represents the expression of the creativity of the Neo-Babylonian Empire ..


Development of the Nations in Fertile Crescent

About the same time that a civilization was growing in Egypt, another civilization was emerging in western Asia, in the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers known as Mesopotamia, or “land between the rivers.” Mesopotamia was located in the Fertile Crescent, a large area which extends in an arc from the south-eastern end of ..


India is hosting International Conference on Dialogue of Civilizations – IV

The International conference on “Dialogue of Civilizations – IV” has started from October 8 –15, 2017 at Delhi, Gandhinagar and Dholavira. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and Union Ministry of Culture are hosting the conference in collaboration with National Geographic Society (NGS). The purpose of the conference is to encourage scholarly and public discourse ..


The Dawn of Civilization

All things must have a beginning, and so it was with the earth and the people who have lived on it for countless generations. Scientists who have studied the rock layers, or strata, of the earth’s outer crust believe the earth is approximately 4.7 billion years old. In the strata of the earth are found ..