Media Trial and Right to Privacy

The media trial has been alleged to violate the Fundamental Right secured by Article 21 (right to life and liberty) of an individual. The argument supporting this says that during media trial, not only the suspects and accused but also the victims suffer from excessive publicity and invasion of their privacy rights. When the media […]

Various Issues related to Right to Privacy

This article discusses on History of right to privacy, Right to Privacy as Fundamental Right, Right to Privacy and Aadhaar Card Issue, Digital India vis-a-vis Right to Privacy, DNA Profiling Bill vis-a-vis Right to Privacy, Privacy Concerns Right to Privacy and Media Trial, and Right to Privacy Bill, 2014 .

[Essay] Media are ethically positive, if they strengthen fundamental values

Some events become turning points in the evolutionary course, not only of certain institutions but the entire nation as well. The way things have unfolded in the media sector during the last few years, they may very well turn out to be such events, in the historical course. The structure of the Indian media has […]

Media Trial

What do you understand by Media Trial? In what way it affects the fundamental rights and other laws as enshrined in various statutes? Discuss.