Media Ethics

[Essay] Breaking News Syndrome-2

On April 19th, 2013, CNN reported “breaking news” – the police had a suspect in custody for the Boston bombing, and they were on the way to the courthouse with the suspect. One hour later, they reported “breaking news”- there was no suspect in custody, contrary to “earlier reports.” So basically, the breaking news was […]


[Essay] Breaking News Syndrome

When Howard Beale at UBS Evening News learnt that he had only a couple of weeks more on the air, due to declining ratings, he would have been envious of his counterparts in the Indian public service broadcaster, Doordarshan. However, that was a different time altogether. Network came out in 1976. Thirty seven years hence, […]

[Essay] Media are ethically positive, if they strengthen fundamental values

Some events become turning points in the evolutionary course, not only of certain institutions but the entire nation as well. The way things have unfolded in the media sector during the last few years, they may very well turn out to be such events, in the historical course. The structure of the Indian media has […]