Mars program: GK, General Studies and Current Affairs

UAE plans Mars Mission

The United States, India and European Space Agency have sent successful missions to Mars. China is now preparing to launch its first Mars rover in July. Now United Arab Emirates is to join the elite club of sending a probe to Mars. Highlights UAE is the first country in the Arab world to plan a ..

Mars Solar Conjunction

On the surface of Mars are NASA’s Curiosity rover and InSight lander. Above Mars are several orbiters, Antennas on Earth and those on active spacecraft on or around Mars regularly exchange data. This regular exchange of data will pause between August 28 and September 7 because of a phenomenon called Mars solar conjunction. Why it ..

UAE Space Agency and Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre announces that 85% of Hope Probe project completed

The UAE Space Agency and Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) have recently announced that 85% of the Hope Probe project has been completed. Hope Probe is an ambitious dream project of UAE to send a mission to Mars. Hope Probe is scheduled to be launched in July 2020. With a successful launch, UAE hopes ..

ISRO proposes to undertake Mars Mission in October-November, 2013

The ISRO has proposed to undertake a Mars Orbiter Mission in October-November, 2013. It will be India’s first step towards exploring the planet Mars. The proposal is currently under examination for government approval. The Mars spacecraft will be placed in an elliptical orbit around the red planet after a voyage of almost 300 days. During ..