Marketing Awareness : Quiz 5

1.Which among the following is the goal of ‘Effective Marketing’?(A)Boosting Sales(B)Boosting profits(C)Cost Control(D)Long lasting Customer Relationships(E)All of the above 2.Which among the following term is used when “supply exceeds demand”?(A)Seller’s Market(B)Buyer’s Market(C)Producer’s Market(D)Retail Market(E)Wholesale Market 3.Social marketing developed in which of the following?(A)1940’s(B)1950’s(C)1960’s(D)1970’s(E)2000 onwards 4.Which among the following is correct sentence?(A)Focus of marketing is ‘consumer’s […]

Marketing Aptitude Compendium 4

Two exams are coming very shortly: one is Union bank of India Marketing Officers exam (September 6) and another SBI management Executive Exam (September 13). Its not possible to frame enough quizzes which can help my readers. so I am here by writing some compendiums each with 10 points with absolutely objective info. They might […]

Marketing Compendium 3 : for Marketing Interviews

Previous Compendiums : M 1 M2 What Is Utility ?Utility is the Want-satisfying power of a good or service What Is Marketing?Marketing is the Process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create and maintain relationships that satisfy individual and organizational objectives. What Do You Mean […]

Marketing Aptitude : Compendium 2

Q.1 What are the marketing Functions? There are 8 universal functions of Marketing, categorized into 3 broad categories: Exchange Functions Buying, Selling, Physical Distribution Functions Transporting, Storing, Fecilitating Functions Standardizing and grading, Financing, Risk taking Securing marketing information. Q.2 What are Concepts of Marketing ? The 5 concepts of marketing are as follows: Needs, wants […]