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Samsung Becomes the 2nd Largest Smartphone Brand in India in April-June Quarter

South Korean major Samsung has become the 2nd largest player in India with a market share of 26% in the second quarter of the current year i.e. in the April-June period, as per the Counterpoint Research Report published. This has been attributed to the reduced supply from some Chinese brands and also the anti-China sentiment ..




What is the meaning of Blue Ocean Strategy?

Blue Ocean Strategy stands for a product or market with very less or no competition at all. The strategy is focussed on the search for a new business where only a few firms operate and there is no pricing pressure. It can be applied to various sectors or businesses and is not limited to only ..


What is Bancassurance?

Bancassurance is a term which means selling of insurance products through banks. Various banks and insurance companies enter into a partnership and the banks then sells the company’s insurance products to its clients. It is a win-win situation for both the parties as the bank earns non-interest income in form of fee amount from the ..