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Usha Thorat heads RBI task force on Offshore Rupee Markets

The RBI task force on Offshore Rupee Markets (ORM), headed by Usha Thorat, has suggested liberal currency market for offshore users. The panel recommended that onshore market hours may be suitably extended to match the flexibility provided by the offshore markets (or NDF markets). This is aimed at incentivizing non-residents to hedge in the onshore ..


RBI raises currency derivative trade limit to how much amount for residents and foreign portfolio investors

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has raised exposure limit under Exchange Traded Currency Derivatives (ETCD) trading for residents and foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) to $100 million across all currency pairs involving the Indian rupee. The RBI’s decision to raise the limit will help entities engaged in forex transactions to maintain their currency risks in ..


RBI extends flexibility on FX forward contracts

The RBI has extended the relaxation of cancelling and re-booking of forward contracts with tenures of more than 1 year, for companies and exporters to hedge their FOREX transactions.



Bank investment contract

A security with an interest rate guaranteed by a bank. It provides a specific yield on a portfolio over a specified period.