Majoor Mahajan Sangh

Who was Anasuya Sarabhai?

Anasuya Sarabhai was a leader of Ahmedabad Mill Strike. As a founder of Ahmedabad Textile Labour Association, she is the pioneer of labour movement in India. Anasuya was born in Ahmedabad on 11 November 1885 into industrialist Sarabhai family. He parents had died when she was nine year old and she was taken care of by her brother […]


What was Ahmedabad Mill Strike, 1918?

Ahmedabad Mill Strike, 1918 was one of the initial movements led by Gandhi in the beginning of 20th century after his return from South Africa. It was one of the formative events in the political career of Mahatma Gandhi. Background Ahmadabad was the second largest city of Bombay Presidency and was a long established commercial […]