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Most important Mahajanpada was Magadha. Magadha was located near today’s Patna & Gaya. The first notable thing about Magadha was its geographical location which gave its rulers a locational advantage to acquire more and more power. Magadha was located between Ganga River in North, Son River in West, Vindhya ranges in south and Champa in ..

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The period assigned to Ajatshatru’s rule is 491 BC to 461 BC. He was son of Bimbisara’s wife Vaidehi so, the Buddhist texts mention his name as Vaidehi Putra Ajatshatru. Ajatshatru was NOT the only son of Bimbisara. There were many sons and daughters from his all wives but Ajatshatru proved to be dominant. He ..


Sources of History of Mauryan Empire

The starting of Mauryan Empire is from accession of Chandragupta Maurya to the Throne of Magadha in 321 BC. Sanskrit had emerged as a rich Indian Language by that time. Sources which gives an insight into the history of Maurya’s are as follwos:1. Puranas like Vishnupurana, Bhagawat Purana, Markandeya Purana2. Arthshastra by Kautilya3. MudraRakshasha by ..


Sources of Ancient Indian History

The two major limitations regarding the sources of ancient Indian History are “Availability and decipherment”.  The entire spectrum of available sources can be divided into two parts viz. Literary/written sources and Material-Archaeological sources. Literary/written sources The literary/written sources to reconstruct Ancient Indian history can be classified among three major categories, (i) Religious, (ii) Secular and ..


Quick Fact Sheet : Magadha Dynasty and 16 Mahajanpadas

1. The kingdom of Magadha roughly correspond to the modern districts of Patna and Gaya in Bihar plus some parts of Bengal.2. Magadha Empire was established by Vrihadratha. Jarasandh was son of Vrihadratha.3. Magadha was one of the sixteen Mahajanapadas or states in ancient India. Giribraj or Rajgrih was capital of Magadha.4. The first king ..