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Critical Assessment of Akbar’s Land Revenue System

The assessment of Akbar’s land revenue system must be done on two accounts viz. annual system and Dahsala system. Annual System The annual system was another name of uncertainty in assessment and appointment of Karoris was disastrous for the peasants. The Karoris turned rapacious and system of paying previous years taxes in current years led ..


Land Revenue System of Akbar

There was no Mughal land revenue system before Akbar. His father Humayun and grandfather Babur did not introduce any changes because they were the first conquerors of their dynasty and remained pre-occupied with subduing rebellions, consolidating empires and maintaining order. A proper land revenue system was founded by Akbar. However, the system of Akbar was ..


Land Revenue System of Sher Shah Suri

Shershah Suri had laid the foundation of administration on which Akbar raised the superstructure. Todarmal, who later carried out most reforms under Akbar had gained considerable experience under former master Shershah Suri. Shershah is known to have made a systematic survey and measurement of the entire cultivable land of his empire using a unit called ..


Land Revenue Reforms of Alauddin Khilji

Under Alauddin Khilji, India saw one of the most harsh land revenue system in India. His land and revenue reforms are notable for two measures viz. abolition of small Iqtas and Land Measurement (Paimaish) Abolition of small Iqtas With a stroke of pen, Alauddin abolished almost all small Iqtas and brought these lands under Khalsa ..


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