Land reforms in India

The Land Acquisition Act, 2013

Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013 is also called land acquisition act 2013 and was brought to replace Land Acquisition Act of 1894, enacted during British era. However the act was mired into controversies mainly because of lack of specific definition of public purpose, thereby, extending even it […]


Voluntary Efforts in Land Reforms in India

Voluntary efforts by organisations were initially focussed on poverty alleviation. After the Bhoodan and Gramdan movements, voluntary organisations took up the issue of land reforms. They started working for the voluntary donation of land and its redistribution to the landless. The voluntary organisations have realized that land reforms core around which the whole issue of […]

Bhoodan and Gramdan movements

The Bhoodan and Gramdan movements led by Vinoba Bhave attempted to bring about a “non-violent revolution” in India’s land reforms programme. These integrated movements were an attempted to implement land reforms by urging the landed classes to voluntarily surrender a part of their land to the landless. The Bhoodan was started in 1951. The problems […]

Land Reforms in India After Independence

After independence, most of the major legislations with far-reaching consequences to land reforms have been passed.  The main features of the laws relating to land reforms are: All states passed the laws to abolish intermediaries, with varying provisions for resumption for self-cultivation. Ceiling laws showed wide variations in their actual ceilings. All laws provided heritable […]

Green Revolution Bypassed Eastern Region Despite Fertile soil and Good availability of water

Barring few pockets, the green revolution virtually bypassed the eastern region of the country despite the fact that it has fertile soil and plenty of water. There were several reasons for the same. Firstly, this region was bypassed due to institutional factors. It has been established that the best performing areas in Green Revolution were […]