Labour Reforms in India

Problems of Plantation Sector in India

In September and October 2015, there were agitations and strikes by the plantation workers in Kerala.  In a major contrast, the agitations were initially led by women tea-leaf pickers under the collective name of ‘Pombilai Orumai’ in Munnar, Kerala. They challenged their own trade unions and simultaneously demanded a fair hike in their wages and […]


Various Issues Related to Labour in India

The Article 246 (with 7th schedule) of the Indian constitution puts the issues related to labour and labour welfare under the concurrent list. However, the exceptional matters related to labour and safety in mines and oilfields and industrial disputes concerning union employees come under Union List. The irony of putting labour in concurrent list is […]

National Renewal Fund

The Government of India had announced to establish a National Renewal Fund (NRF) as a part of the slew of measures announced in New Industrial Policy of 1991. The Fund was later established in February, 1992 for a period of 10 years. Objectives of National Renewal Fund The main objective of the National Renewal Fund […]

Current Issues in Labour Reforms in India

“Reform of the labour law is vital for the revival of manufacturing sector in India, without which the Make in India campaign is doomed to fail.” Discuss critically.

Major Issues with Trade Union Act (1926)

Although there is a right to form an association or form a trade union; yet in our country, there is no nationwide law recognizing the trade union. For an employer, there is no compulsion to enter into a collective bargaining with laborers and it is also not mandatory to recognize it. The Trade Union Act […]