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Australia’s oldest Aboriginal rock art identified

Recently, a kangaroo painting was identified in Australia with the help of some ancient wasps. The kangaroo painting was created over 17,000 years ago by Aboriginal community artists. The painting was identified as Australia’s oldest intact rock art. Highlights The painting is a two-metre-long artwork. It was discovered on the sloped ceiling of rock shelter ..




Swamp Wallaby

Researchers reported that the swamp wallaby is the only mammal that is pregnant and lactating throughout its adult life. About the Animal: Swamp wallaby is a species of marsupial and the only living member of the Wallabia genus. It is found in the woodlands and forests of Australia. They are solitary (except while feeding) and ..


Reviving the lost languages

Professor Zuckermann of Australia is preserving the linguistic diversity of Australia. Australia is said to have had 250 languages during the colonial. However due to its geographical isolation, many are unknown. One of the languages called the Guugu gave the word “Kangaroo”. Unfortunately, there are only 775 people speaking the language. The reason behind the ..


What is the specialty of Australian Emu?

Australian Emu is known for its speed and height. It is the second largest living bird by height. Like Kangaroo it is also it is incapable of walking backward.


Which is the first country in the world to give women the right to Vote?

In 1893 Newzland became the first country in the world to give women the right to Vote, while Australia was the second country, it granted right to vote for women in the year 1902.