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The famous cultural festival “Behdienkhlam 2018” celebrated in Meghalaya

The famous cultural festival “Behdienkhlam 2018” was celebrated at the small peripheral town of Jowai, the District headquarters of Jaintia Hills District in Meghalaya with joy and religious fervour. The festival witnessed a colourful display of 12 rots or ‘rath’ at the sacred pool ‘Aitnar’. It is the most celebrated religious festival among the Pnars ..


Meghalaya govt orders probe ‘blue’ water

The Meghalaya Government ordered a magisterial inquiry into the recent unusual phenomenon of water in River Lukha turning blue and death of thousands of fishes. The Lukha river originates from the Nongkhlieh Elaka and flows along the Narpuh reserve forest of Jaintia Hill and drains itself into the Surma valley in Bangladesh. In January 2007 ..