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What are Major, Medium and Minor Irrigation Schemes?

Various irrigation schemes in India were classified by the erstwhile planning commission into three parts viz. Minor, Medium and Major Irrigation schemes. Major irrigation Scheme: Major irrigation schemes are those schemes which have a Culturable Command Areas of More than 10,000 hectares. Medium irrigation Schemes: The Medium Irrigation Schemes have a CCA of 2,000-10,000 hectares. ..


Current Affairs Current Affairs : Febraury 18, 2010

Places in News:Where is Goddess Shri Maduraialaiamman Temple?Goddess Shri Maduraialaiamman Temple is in Tiruchirapalli. On 18 February 2010, hundreds of devotees from different parts of Tamil Nadu participated in the ‘Mahakumbhabhishekam’ (consecration) of Goddess Shri Maduraialaiamman Temple. Persons in News:What is Mahesh Rangarajan committee related to?Mahesh Rangarajan led 11-member Committee will submit its report about ..




Irrigation In India

1. At the time of commencement of the First Five Year Plan in 1951, population of India was about 361 million and annual food grain production was 51 million tones (m.t.), which was not adequate.2. Import of food grains was then inevitable to cover up the shortage. Attaining self sufficiently in food was therefore given ..


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