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2019 edition of World Iodine Deficiency Day (WIDD)

The World Iodine Deficiency Day (WIDD) is observed every year on 21st of October  to raise awareness of iodine deficiency and its devastating effects on brain development. Iodine is an essential micronutrient required for normal thyroid function, growth, and development. Its deficiency is a major cause of preventable mental retardation. In its most severe forms, ..


Jeevan Bindi

It is medically enhanced version of regular bindi, embedded with iodine. It delivers the daily requirement of iodine i.e., 100-150 micro grams, absorption through the skin.  These are being supplied in Maharashtra to iodine deficient people, particularly tribals. This initiative is supplemented with iodine pills available at community health centre. An iodine patch, designed like ..