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Need to educate public about nature of gold investments: RBI Deputy Governor

Reserve Bank deputy governor KC Chakrabarty held that: In order to bring down the high import of gold, RBI considers educating and disseminating awareness in the people about the speculative nature of gold investments and that it is not proper ..


RBI announces measures to revive Rupee

The Reserve Bank of India announced a number of steps, to aid revive the currency and the economy The measures include increasing limits for external commercial borrowings and government securities .The initiatives are in consultation with the government to liberalize ..


Government to introduce financial literacy in school education

  The government plans to launch financial literacy in the school curriculum very soon. The knowledge of Financial & Capital markets will be disseminated in the form of primary and secondary curriculum. Objective: Enhance the household contribution into equity markets ..


Indian Companies can now acquire assets abroad

Recently the cabinet approved a policy to enable profit making state-run firms to acquire assets oversees. The new policy also seeks to enhance the power of Maharatna and Navartna companies and provide greater autonomy for acquiring raw material assets abroad. ..



A bull market is a term used to describe a condition in the financial market characterized by increased activity, rising prices, and a higher volume of business. It signifies a period of sustained growth driven by strong demand for securities, ..

Bear Trap

In the world of stock markets, investors are constantly searching for signals that can help them make informed decisions. However, sometimes the markets can play tricks on even the most astute investors. One such deceptive signal is known as a ..