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Union Cabinet approves capital infusion to 3 general insurance companies

The Union Cabinet approved a proposal for capital infusion and immediate release of Rs 2,500 crore to three state-owned general insurance companies. The three public sector companies are: United India Insurance, National Insurance Company and Oriental Insurance Company. The capital infusion is announced at the backdrop of their critical financial position and breach of regulatory ..

Strengthening Corporate Bond Market

The corporate bond market in India has failed to take off in spite of measures in successive budgets and at least half a dozen committees mandated by the government, the RBI and the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to work out measures to develop this market. Importance of a corporate debt market In ..

What is the meaning of bulk deal?

A deal which happens under a single client code in either single or multiple transactions and involves more than 0.5% of equity shares of a company is known as a bulk deal. It can be materialised at any time during the trading hours in a day. It has the following features: The deal should involve ..