Indian Constitution Short Questions: GK, General Studies and Current Affairs

What provisions of the Indian Constitution tilt it towards unitary types?

The Indian Constitution does not fully embody the federal principle because the Centre can in certain contingencies encroach upon the field reserved for the States. The power of intervention given to the centre is inconsistent with the federal system, for it places the States in a subordinate position. There are many provisions which make the ..

Is the Indian constitution truly a federal constitution?

The Indian Federalism has been designed after a close and careful study of the contemporary trends of federalist nations like U.S.A, Canada and Australia. Consequently, the Indian federal scheme while incorporating the advantages of the federal structure, yet seeks to mitigate some of its usual weakness of rigidity and legalism. It does not therefore, follow ..

What are the essential characteristics of a federal Constitution?

A federal government establishes a dual polity, a two tier governmental system, with the Central Government at one level and the State Government at the other level. The federal Constitution marks off the sphere of action of each level of government by devising an elaborate scheme of distribution of legislative, administrative, and financial powers between ..

What is meant by constitutional law?

The legal system of a country can be divided into two parts. First deals with the laws governing the state and the second deals with the laws by which the state governs or regulates the conduct of its member. Constitutional law falls in the first category. It deals with the rules and norms from which ..