Indian Constitution Short Questions

Write briefly about secularism as enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

India is country of religions. There exist multifarious religious groups in the country but, in spite of this, the Constitution stands for a secular state of India. There is no official religion in India. ‘Secularism’ has been inserted in the Preamble after 42nd Amendment. The object of insertion was to spell out expressly the high ..


What objectives have been enshrined in the Indian Constitution?

The Preamble of the Constitution contains the basic objectives of the Constitution. These are: – to secure to all its citizens social, economic and political justice; liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship; equality of status and opportunity, and to promote among them fraternity so as to secure the dignity of the individual and ..

What do you mean by supremacy of the Constitution?

Supremacy of the Constitution is a doctrine where by the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and all the State organs including Parliament and State Legislatures are bound by it. They must act within the limits laid down by the Constitution. They owe their existence and powers to the Constitution and, therefore, their ..

Is Indian constitution the lengthiest constitution in the world?

India’s Constitution is a lengthy, elaborate and detailed document. Originally it consisted of 395 Articles arranged under 22 Parts and eight Schedules. Today, after many amendments, it has 447 Articles arranged under 26 Parts and 12 Schedules. It is indeed the lengthiest constitution in the world.

Do the emergency provisions modify the federal character of the Indian constitution?

No, the emergency provisions do not modify the federal character of the Indian Constitution. It is rather a merit of the constitution that is visualizes the contingencies when the strict application of the federal principle might destroy the basic assumption on which our constitution is built. Emergency provisions are designed for temporary use only, by ..